Roger Conrad

Position(s): Fire Police Lt.

Roger joined the Trexlertown Fire Company in 2004.

Roger joined the Fire Company in 2004 on the Fire Police side of the team.  In 2007 he moved to the Fire Fighter side in the role of Safety Officer, 2507.  In 2009 he became Assistant Fire Chief, 2502.  In 2016 he returned to Fire Police.  Roger received the Fire Fighter of the Year Award in 2011.  Roger also serves the Fire Company as Financial Secretary. He retired after 37 years with Air Products and Chemicals where he worked in the Research Labs for 11 years and the Safety Department for 26 years.  He is a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer.  He was a member of the National Safety Council for 18 years serving as Chairperson of its Research and Development Section for 2 terms.  Roger received the NSC’s Advanced Safety Certificate.  He is currently a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, serving as the Lehigh Valley Chapter’s Treasurer. He is a member of the Lehigh County Hazardous Materials Response Team since its inception in the early 1990s, having served for many years as a team officer.  He is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of HazMat Technicians, having served a 3-year term as an Eastern Region Director. He taught Chemistry for Fire Fighters at NACC for many years, and has been teaching a 3-day Laboratory Safety & Health Course since 1990 for the American Chemical Society.


Essentials of Fire Fighting                                                   

Fire Police Basic

Fire Fighter 1                                                                     

Fire Police Advanced

Fire Fighter 2                                                                     

Fire Police Legal Concepts

Fire Instructor 1                                                                  

Scene Safety Officer

Fire Officer 1                                                                      

Health & Safety Officer

Fire Officer 2                                                                      

HazMat Safety Officer

Basic Vehicle Rescue                                                         

Highway Scene Safety & Management

HazMat Awareness, ProBoard                                            

Introduction To Fire Officership

HazMat Operations, ProBoard                                            

NIMS 100 & 200

HazMat Technician, ProBoard                                             

NIMS 300 & 400

 NIMS 700 & 800

Emergency Management Coordinator Basic – PEMA

Emergency Management Coordinator Advanced – PEMA      

Emergency Management Coordinator Professional – PEMA  

NIMS 703

NIMS 860

Public Information Officer – PEMA                                       

EOC Management & Operations, IS-775

ICS/EOC Interaction Workshop                                           

Radiological Emergency Response, IS-301


Radiological Emergency Management, IS-3

Ropes 1                                                                             

Special Ops For Terrorsim/HazMat Crimes

Ropes & Rigging                                                                

Counter Bio/Chem Terrorism

Trench 1 & 2                                                                      

Railroad HazMat Transportation

Confined Space Rescue                                                      

Aircraft HazMat Response

Root Cause Incident Investigation